Advantages of Cloud Hosting for Quickbooks Using Citrix

There are a variety of advantages of using Citrix technologies for QuickBooks hosting in the cloud. On paper, it’s easy to overlook some of the dramatic improvements to infrastructure and security that can be possible thanks to Citrix’s world-class technology. If you’ve decided to go with cloud hosting for QuickBooks software, the next decision that needs to be made surrounds which hosting provider to choose. Many of the solutions available out there are acceptable, though often corners are cut to reduce internal costs. Citrix isn’t the cheapest solution out there, but what are you giving up by going with a custom proprietary solution?

Why Choose Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks in the First Place?

It isn’t enough that you should have access to your data. You should be able to log in quickly, securely, and with absolute certainty that your data is being protected on all sides. After all, the main reason you should go with cloud-based hosting is to prevent the countless issues that can crop up when you’re hosting your own out of a local office. Setup and maintenance costs can add up, and what’s to protect your data in the event of an unforeseen circumstance? Natural disasters, such as this year’s Hurricane Sandy which wreaked havoc on businesses and service providers throughout the Northwest. By providing redundant data storage which is kept in different regions, your data is better secured.

What are the Advantages of Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks using Citrix?

Citrix XenApp 6.0 offers the latest in secure technology with user authentication, single sign on, and SSL session encryption. This is all provided and managed through a reliable service that boasts virtually constant uptime and continuous support. It’s not just about security and uptime, though. Citrix also enables the user to take advantage of a universal print driver which will pick up on various printers many competitors would not. It’s important that your solution integrate seamlessly with the equipment you have at the office, and this is just one way Citrix has made it a little easier. This universal driver is included with the service and not some paid additional software some other platforms charge users extra to utilize. In any cloud-based computing environment, speed is everything. You don’t want something that lags behind to the point where you have to sit and wait between operations so the remote system can catch up. Citrix typically clocks in between two and three times faster than its competition for login time and application response. That’s an especially important factor when you consider just how many small tasks users need to complete over time. For many reasons, in addition to the ones listed here, choosing cloud hosting for QuickBooks that uses Citrix technology is a wise decision. It’s just one of several factors to consider, but a very important one considering how vital your business’ financial records are to company operations and payroll. You should also consider what type of server your company’s QuickBooks is being hosted on. Ask the important questions, like whether or not the provider is utilizing a SAS70 data center, or if it is authorized by Intuit (the makers of QuickBooks) to host its software. You might be surprised how many providers claim to be the “best” out there but haven’t even covered these basic needs. Would you trust your bookkeeping software to just any platform?