Moving to the cloud or a hosted solution may seem complicated and overwhelming. But in reality, the bottom line is simple; we move your data from your server to our server in our data center. You access the server and your data on your terms from any computer with an Internet connection. We manage your data security and make sure it is continuously backed up, we update and upgrade your software as needed, and we provide our support desk as a resource you can turn to when you need us.

  • HarborCloud utilizes the Citrix XenApp 6.0 platform, virtualizing most any desktop applications and giving you anytime/anywhere access to your data. It provides our customers access to servers housed in a completely redundant, enterprise-class data center at a cost that is simply not realistic to duplicate on their own: a Fortune 500 IT Infrastructure at a realistic cost.
  • HarborCloud allows an organization to move their IT cost into a fixed monthly category that can be more accurately forecasted for budgeting. Above all else, we provide daily data backup as a scheduled managed task that creates crucial redundancy for mission-critical data most organizations mistakenly put off or ignore.
  • HarborCloud is an Application Service Provider (ASP) with a focus on hosted virtual desktop solutions. We use the Citrix XenApp 6.0 platform, delivered from HP Blade servers that are co-located in a SAS 70 Type II data center. Most Windows-based software applications are hosted, using the customer’s existing licensing. HarborCloud solutions target start-ups, small businesses and various professional practices, including accounting professionals.
  • HarborCloud manages the data, software updates and upgrades, and equipment, as well as provides first level technical support to our clients. Our solutions provide scalability, flexibility, and simplicity that are turnkey solutions, allowing our customers to leverage our infrastructure and cut their costs.

The cloud computing model has finally been accepted as a comfortable and acceptable alternative to the costly expense of building and maintaining IT infrastructure. Hosted desktop solutions offer the ability to outsource the headache associated with traditional in-house servers and increase the company’s bottom line. The cloud model also has a direct impact on accounting professionals, giving them access to their clients’ data on their terms, eliminating the need to wait on their clients. This not only increases the productivity for the accountant, but simplifies the client’s world, too.

Contact HarborCloud today and see how we not only cut your costs, but improve your organization’s overall productivity. Life can be easier!