Hosted Solutions for Accountants

As we head into one of the busiest seasons for freelance accountants, it’s increasingly vital that the data you manage be both secure and readily available. A solid cloud-based solution opens up a whole new world of usage scenarios giving you full access to your data on the road, at remote meetings, and back at the office without running the risk of data loss should unexpected damage, loss, or theft separate you from your primary system. If you work closely with QuickBooks, you can find a solid cloud hosted solution with HarborCloud that could save you money on system management and maintenance while keeping your data safer and more reliably accessible than it would be on a local system. Whether you’re an independent accountant working from home or a corporate employee crunching numbers at the office, there are plenty of compelling reasons to consider bringing your business applications to the cloud. We live in an age when working from home is not possible, but practical. Often, you can be called on to provide immediate answers to questions even when you’re not exactly at your desk. With a hosted solution, you can log in from virtually any Internet-capable system around the world and find the answers you need. There are two types of hosted solutions typically offered by providers. One type, known as a Shared Farm. This includes load-balanced servers set up to give you access to specific applications (such as QuickBooks) in addition to common plug-ins that extend the default usefulness of QuickBooks to meet the needs of your client(s). The second type is a bit more flexible. It’s known as a Dedicated Virtual Environment and it gives you the freedom of having a virtual Windows computing platform in the cloud from which you can run a variety of applications that help you get down to business. For most accountants, a shared solution works perfectly. It empowers you to use the very software that you need to get the job done at a predictable regular cost. However, some applications cannot be locked down or installed in a shared farm and have to be on their own dedicated server. Since most all applications are intended to be installed on a desktop computer, and not a public cloud (shared farm), you may actually need a dedicated virtual server.

Why Choose HarborCloud?

HarborCloud’s hosting service gives you the ability to run virtually any Windows-based application in a virtual environment that’s readily accessible to you around the clock. Running on Citrix XenApp 6.5 and the latest in server hardware, HarborCloud’s systems are capable of running at world-class speeds at a fraction of the cost of building and managing your own server. You can access your data from any PC, Mac, iPad, or Android mobile device with an Internet connection. In addition, a full staff of experienced IT professionals stands ready to address any issues that might come up. This is in addition to a philosophy of putting customer service at a top priority. Even if you’re part of a very small business, you can take advantage of Fortune 500 IT infrastructure and put it to work for you at pennies on the dollar. Your data is kept safe on several levels including: multiple password integration, Citrix reliability, 128 bit Encryptions, SSL certificate, all in a completely redundant data center on redundant servers. Perhaps the biggest reason for accountants to choose HarborCloud is that it has partnered with Citrix and Intuit to provide a world-class experience at bargain prices. You can host multiple versions of QuickBooks on a single account to meet the needs of a variety of customers, take advantage of commonly used applications like Microsoft Office 2010 or SmartVault, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your important data safe from unforeseen loss or damage to your local systems. When it comes to your business, would you trust anything less?