How Citrix XenApp Helps with QuickBooks Hosting

Here at HarborCloud, we are proud to offer virtual application hosting through the industry-leading XenApp platform by Citrix. XenApp allows us to offer Local and Hosted Application Delivery to our customers to ensure that they receive the fastest and most reliable hosted application experience possible.

XenApp by Citrix is the fastest hosted application solution out there. This allows you to experience the same applications at low latency from any device. Need to access QuickBooks from your iPad? No problem. This is made possible by Citrix’s unique technology which detects the device you’re accessing these applications from and provides the best experience for that particular platform. If you’re launching Windows programs on a Mac, a virtual environment is made available to you so you can use the application as if you were sitting at the host machine back at the office.

Local Application Hosting enables you to take your experience offline so your work isn’t interrupted by dropped connections or travel. You can work from the plane and sync changes to specific documents once you get to your home or the hotel after you land.
XenApp does more than just host applications. It makes it easier to set specific options for various users. Your account may require a different user experience than your shipping manager. A good QuickBooks hosting plan will empower you to decide who has access to what information in your central account, and XenApp helps make that possible for our customers.

XenApp is also incredibly secure. This ensures that your most valuable data is accessible only to the people you want to have access without restricting them to a single workstation back at the office. Your accountant can log in to QuickBooks and answer a question over the phone without having to run to the office to retrieve the appropriate data. This makes your accountant happier, and helps you get the data you need when you need it regardless of time or place.

Costs are another advantage to hosted applications. No longer will your IT department need to install, upgrade, and maintain software on every single workstation individually. Instead, these applications can be hosted and managed from remote servers in a central location that’s constantly being monitored and maintained by an experienced team of IT professionals. Think of services, like those provided by HarborCloud, as an extension of your existing IT department.

Your critical data should not be restricted to access from one location during business hours. Modern businesses depend on flexibility and mobility to flourish. Platforms like Citrix XenApp make it possible for small and medium businesses of today to function like the Fortune 500 companies of tomorrow.