How We Save You Money

Moving to a hosted solution– whether it’s just QuickBooks® or your whole network– can be very financially rewarding. And it all starts with one simple concept: leverage.

HarborCloud provides you an IT solution that is deployed on enterprise-class servers with the ability to easily handle multiple users among hundreds of virtual servers. Additionally, the engineers and support staff that make everything run smoothly are accessible to all of our clients without the expense of keeping them on your own staff. When you can spread the cost of your IT infrastructure among other businesses like yours, you get all the service for a fraction of the cost.

HarborCloud in Action

We recently deployed a customer that had 3 separate physical locations with 10 total users. Initially, they were looking at installing their own network that would tie all 3 locations together. This would allow them to store all their data in one central location for accounting, inventory reports, sales materials, time tracking, and various other functions. To them, it made financial sense to deploy such a system and just streamline the management required to handle the other aspects of their operation.

Our customer wanted this infrastructure in house but built and managed by an outside consultant. The servers, software and equipment to make all this happen were going to cost them about $18,000. In addition, the IT consultant quoted them $6,500 to set up and implement their system, plus the hourly rate going forward for monthly maintenance, regularly scheduled data backup, major fixes, and facilitating software updates. On average, they were looking at an estimate of between 2 and 5 hours a month at an hourly rate of $125 to maintain all of this.

HarborCloud was able to provide this customer with a solution that not only provided more security and reliability, it also allowed them to avoid writing an initial check for nearly $25,000! HarborCloud was able to provide this customer with a solution that completely met all of their needs, was 100% scalable, and included a helpdesk all for a monthly fee of about $50 per user, per month.

Consider your move to the Cloud today! Contact us or call (877) 294-2909 for more specific pricing tailored to your unique user configuration.